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From October 25th to 27th, Managers and Directors of Esseco Industrial gathered in Versilia for the quarterly meeting dedicated to the analysis of the year’s third-quarter results and future prospects. Representatives from Addcon, Altair Chimica, Hydrochem, and Esseco, coming from all affiliated companies around the world, discussed the complex market situation, which continues to be characterized by mostly stagnant demand in light of the increasingly uncertain international scenario.

The meeting began with greetings from Francesco Nulli, CEO of Esseco Group, and was led by Engineer Roberto Vagheggi, General Manager of Esseco Industrial and CEO of the chlorine-alkali division. He started his welcome address by recalling the imminent second anniversary of the creation of Esseco Industrial (November 2021) and gave a positive assessment of the collaboration and sharing of best practices made possible by the new organization.

The next step in this journey, following the merger between Zolfindustria and Esseco’s Chemical Division, completed in 2022, will be the merger between Hydrochem and Altair Chimica, giving rise in the coming months to Altair Chemical. This consolidation under a single brand of activities primarily related to the chlorine-alkali market represents another step towards strengthening Esseco Industrial‘s position in the market, facilitated by greater clarity in the commercial offering.

These corporate-level restructurings have corresponded to intensive internal reorganization activities, involving functions and processes, allowing for significant synergies in the areas of capital expenditures, procurement, management control, and operations, with particular reference to customer service and logistics activities. Furthermore, central functions have been created for the management of all regulatory aspects, certifications, and institutional relations, ensuring that Esseco Industrial‘s strategies and mission are conveyed with clear and more prominent messages. Finally, a single office has been established for all companies to participate in tenders to obtain funding in support of our investments.

Throughout the days, interventions from various companies within the group – Altair Chimica and Iberica, Esseco Italia, Esseco UK, Addcon Nordic, Addcon Germany, Esseco do Brasil – presented the achieved results and prospects until the end of 2023.

The work on the sustainability budget and efforts in the field of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) garnered great interest, driven with dedication by the individual companies of the industrial division. This is particularly true regarding the energy mix of Esseco Industrial, which is gradually but rapidly shifting towards zero CO2 emission sources, using solar energy produced both on production sites and through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) in Lazio, Marche, and Sicily; hydroelectric energy through the two plants in Pieve Vergonte; and soon, biomethane, in an advanced stage of study and design.

What characterized the quarterly meeting in Versilia were the working groups, consisting of diverse individuals from the various companies in the industrial division, aimed at strengthening synergies and the exchange of information and corporate vision among managers and directors.

The progress of Esseco Industrial’s new administrative and financial organization continues swiftly, refining strategy and vision to best meet market needs and play a leading role in the energy transition.

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