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Caustic Potash or Potassium Hydroxide

Agriculture and Breeding, Detergents, Electronics, Food, Oil, Pharma

Obtained through the electrolytic process, it is available as solution from 45% to 50% and in solid form at 92%…

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Chlorine Paraffine – Essechlor

Leather, Plastics, Rubber Industry

Obtained by chlorination of very pure linear aliphatic hydrocarbons and marketed under the name ESSECHLOR, Altair Chimica chlorinated-paraffin differ in…

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Ferric and Ferrous Chloride

Water Purification

Ferrous chloride is produced by reaction of the synthesis hydrochloric acid and ferrous oxide, while ferric chloride is produced by…

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Hydrochloric Acid

Food, Pharma, Water Purification

Produced directly from gaseous chlorine and hydrogen, absorbed with the highest quality demineralized water, Altair hydrochloric acid is available in…

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Polychloride Aluminum

Paper, Water Purification

Obtained from the reaction of alumina with concentrated hydrochloric acid, it is available in various Al2O3 titrations from 10 to…

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Potassium Carbonate

Agriculture and Breeding, Detergents, Exhaust gas treatment, Food, Glass and Crystal, Inks and Pigments, Pharma, Photography

Obtained by carbonation of caustic potash, with a process that allows to obtain a very high degree of purity and…

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Potassium chloride – Essesalt

Agriculture and Breeding, Food, Pharma

Obtained through a specially developed production process of the internal R&D department, Essesalt differs from the other potassium chloride on…

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Sodium Hydroxide

Detergents, Food

Obtained through the electrolytic process, it is available in 30% and 50% solution. Available in the technical grade, it is…

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Sodium Hypochlorite

Paper, Textile, Water Purification

Obtained as an 18% solution, it is produced by the plant that guarantees the safety of the entire production plant,…

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