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Altair Chimica

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Excellence on the cutting edge of potassium inorganic derivatives

Altair chemical was the first European producer of potassium hydroxide
to switch to membrane cell technology for the elimination of mercury

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Innovation-oriented know-how

Altair Chimica works every day to promote useful and sustainable innovations of products,
processes and technologies, collaborating with universities and research centers

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Certified Quality

The excellence of our products, measured by their purity and the absence of mercury and heavy metals,
is certified according to the highest market standards

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Top customer service

Altair Chimica works hard every day to exceed the expectations of its customers,
with a proactive approach and an open and positive attitude

Altair Chimica

Environmental sustainability

Altair Chimica pays the utmost attention to environmental sustainability and invests directly in the self-production of energy, both through cogeneration plants and solar panels: in recent years, the overall yields of these plants have been close to the maximum theoretical value, around 90%.

Altair Chimica - Sostenibilità Pannelli Solari


Altair Chimica products are certified to be the best option available today on the European market as regards the maximum level of chlorates (<5ppm) allowed in potassium hydroxide for food production and, especially, for infant & baby nutrition.


Altair Chimica is authorized for the production of caustic food soda

As part of the corporate strategy, aimed at providing increasingly specialized and high quality products, during the month of November…

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