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While COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread globally and governments are taking increasingly strict measures to limit its impacts, Altair Chimica have adopted specific measures to protect the health of its employees, customers and suppliers – like national and international transportation partners, to prevent the spread of the virus.

A crisis team, including all company functions representatives, has been established to monitor the situation and develop appropriate actions to contain and contrast the spreading of Covid-19 in workplaces.

Concerning the common areas, from February the 24th

  • canteen was closed
  • coffee machines and other food and beverage dispensers were closed
  • smart working, holidays and all possible alternatives to physical presence has been used
  • workers with immunodeficiencies were authorized to stay at home
  • masks had been distributed to everyone.

Fever measurements is ensured every day, every shift to internal and external staff.

Hygienic measures such as maintaining safety distance, regularly washing hands, etc. have been reinforced. In addition, disinfectant gels were made available to all people in the factory and in the offices.

Sanitary facilities are separated for internal staff, external suppliers and transporters and cleaned every time.

Additional cleaning of factory and offices were implemented: all working areas are cleaned every day, every shifts and special decontamination activities, with specific products, are ensured every week. All open areas are cleaned with sodium hypochlorite solution every day.

Instructions has benne given to transporters regarding how to reduce the risk of contagion: truck drivers can’t move from their cabin, documents are passed without human contacts. They will not get in contact with Altair workers, even during loading/unloading procedures.

Activities are limited to the essential ones. No visits from suppliers or customers are allowed, business travel has been put on hold, face-to-face internal and external meetings have either been delayed or replaced by on-line meetings.

All employees able to work from home have been put in condition to do so; for all employees remaining in the office, as much as possible isolated workspaces have being set up.

A dedicated shift plan has been implemented for employees dedicated to production, with the objective to minimize contacts between people and to ensure that the interpersonal distance of at least 1 metre is respected.

Staggered entry/exit times have been defined for all in-house staff.

Altair Chimica strives to take all possible precautions to protect our employees, our suppliers and customers while ensuring supply continuity.

Altair Chimica is proud to communicate his mandatory intention not to reduce salary to anyone and to help his community, the village, his neighbors and all his stakeholders in a critic period like this.

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