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For over sixty years in Saline di Volterra (PI), where the Altair Chimica production plant is located, a range of excellent products has been generated, from caustic soda to potassium hydroxide, from hydrochloric acid to chloride of potassium: basic chemical products that find application in the most varied fields, from food, to water purification, up to detergency.

An industrial activity which requires a lot of energy and large quantities of raw materials, until now mainly imported from abroad. However, the current energy crisis and the ambitions of more sustainable development have imposed a paradigm shift, which aims at energy independence and shortening the supply chain of raw materials.

To this goal, in December 2022, the CEO of Altair Chimica, Engineer Roberto Vagheggi, met with the Regional Councilor for Productive Activities Leonardo Marras and with the Volterra Mayor Giacomo Santi to present an investment plan in the area up to to 100 million euros. The project involves the use of sodium brine present in the subsoil and the use of geothermal resources for the production of electricity and heat for the creation of the production cycle in a green and fully sustainable perspective.

«Today, more than ever, the issue of energy and technological innovation is the strategic factor for determining the future of companies – comments the Mayor Santi – sharing between local administrations and the Tuscany Region is fundamental for our territories, which must be increasingly competitive and sustainable».

The Tuscany has undertaken to launch, in the first months of 2023, discussion tables between the various production realities that could benefit from the cooperation in the realization of this large and innovative project.

The proposal is therefore that of a return to the origins, using the natural resources of the area to feed local industries, but at the same time increasing the sustainability of the process.

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